Richard picks up his transformed Bugeye–Testimonial from a Bugeyeguy customer

IMG_1763Richard fell in love, as you can see in the video below, and bought this great Bugeye from a dealer in Florida. The car had a number of mechanical issues so we were honored when he trailered his baby all the way to us in Connecticut for restoration of the systems to make the car drive wonderfully once again.

It was a two month project to transform the car into an awesome driving machine. We corrected and improved about 70 items on the worksheet we prepared, ranging from an ignition switch that had a non working key (and turned on by activating the parking lights), to a rebuilt transmission because of terrible second gear synchros, to performance improvements like a front sway bar and upgraded electronic ignition.

For me, the best part of a project like this is the before and after comparison. The car that we drove into his trailer for him to take home bore little resemblance to what was delivered. This car is now sure footed and stable, much more so than it was when it arrived on bias ply tires with non working rear brakes.

Once the coarse issues are sorted, then we get to work through the fine tuning and more subtle challenges. This car, for example, needed a rich setting for power as the revs climbed, but the idle suffered, so we fit new rich rigid needles which allowed a leaner idle setting but provided the required richness through the rev-range. This made a huge difference and is probably an ethanol related requirement. We can leverage our experience in a case like this to make the final result superior. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t know was possible unless you drove a lot of these cars.

It’s a privilege to give this car the required transplants so it can enjoy a new lease on life, and to have customers who are willing to ship us their cars for this service. And what a joy to see Richard so happy and excited. If you see this small red flash pass you in the Stuart, Florida area, make sure you give him a thumbs up! Congratulations Richard!

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