New Bugeye Sprite head fairing takes shape


Our new head fairing is almost ready! Here are some pictures of Gumby, my Bugeye since high school, out for testing with the prototype in place. People ask me “what is it?” I say a head rest that makes the car look like a Jaguar D-type, one of the coolest sports cars of all time. Thus our “B-type” head fairing is born, and will be available for sale shortly. I took these pictures on the street in New Haven, Connecticut on a recent trip to the Apple store,




where old meets new in a number of amazing ways. When I purchased Gumby in 1979, I responded to a classified ad in the New York Times Sunday auto classifieds, drove to New Haven, and found this car in primer parked on Orange Street, not far from where this picture was taken. Now, Gumby is partly in primer once again, getting ready for the next restoration now 35 years later. When I got the car, Apple didn’t exist, nor did all the tech that runs our business, nor did the Audi A7 that was driving by when I took the pictures. Bugeye +head fairing= A7? Uhhh, not exactly, but now they sorta look related…

Anyway, our head fairing is the product of many discussions and much shaping and editing to try and get the shape just right. We elected to extend the structure way down the back deck, so that the fairing would enhance the Bugeyes shape and smoothly flow into the back deck. We also wanted to echo the smooth shapes of the headlight buckets without overpowering anything, and we’re all happy with the shape of the fairing. It works.

The pillow on the fairing is a dream, and I found myself driving with my head resting on it, and wondering how I had lived so long without one. We designed the whole piece to be removable with one bolt that fits through the top bow hook on the driver side. Additional hooks secure the piece to the cockpit rail. Stay tuned for further updates. We have the mold complete, and just have a few more edits to make. If you are not subscribed already, please do so on the right margin of this page, and you’ll be imediately alerted once the first batch of fairings come out of the mold.

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