(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

128 improvements later, test drive this near perfect 1960 948 powered Bugeyed Sprite

Our red Bugeye is nearly ready to ship back to the customer in Maryland, with a whopping 128 improvements. We had about 60 items to fix when we got the car, but the project mushroomed into a full-on transformation of every worn part on the car. Jim (the owner) has been a great partner, inviting us to keep improving every step of the way, and the result is one awesome machine.

Come for a drive with me in the video below!

This car had lacked sure-footedness and stability because of multiple suspension issues front and rear, and now the car is tight and crisp through the turns and over bumps, courtesy of a multitude of improvements. For example, the king pins were worn, the a arm bushings missing, wire wheel splines were worn, wheels were worn too. The car drove fine before we started, and it might have been easy to discount the shortcomings as design flaws for this old short wheel base car, but once all the pieces work in harmony, the Bugeye drives blissfully. We are grateful for our experience driving more than 150 different Bugeyes because each one teaches us what is possible, and allows us to strive to produce the best driving machines.

Once the new tach goes in and new top goes on, we’ll load Jim’s car in an enclosed trailer and send it south to him for the next chapter! The electronic tach by the way is another innovation we have for sale which allows us to do away with the always problematic tach drive, cable and tach drive generator. This old fashioned system is constantly breaking in the field, and our new electronic tach looks just like the original mark one item, with a secret VDO mechanism inside that works much more reliably. Jim’s Bugeye will have one of these, and yours can too. Email if you want more info.

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