1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale!
Great silver Driver! Great fun!



Sold to Ritchie and heading to Florida! His second Bugeye! Everyone should get two!

Dustin is our favorite holiday Bugeye, worth celebrating because he comes in one of the best color combos, silver and burgundy. These are not stock colors, but really striking on the car and a personal favorite.

AN5L 44828 was built late in 1960 and perhaps among the last Bugeyes to ship to the states, sold and titled in 1961. He shows 63347 miles and has a stock 948 engine and upgraded front disk brakes and wood steering wheel, as well! Take a test drive below!






as a lot of recent service including new rear axles, new rear wheel cylinders, new tires, battery, wheel bearings and rear axle seals. We also adjusted the valves, replaced the radius arm bushings, repaired the front exhaust leak and tuned the twin SU carbs. The car drives great, and has a lot to offer anyone looking for a fun driver. Paint and bodywork is a bit amateurish so that keeps the price reasonable on what is otherwise a very solid and rust free car with excellent floors. The new owner for Dustin is someone who wants and impressive car but doesn’t want to worry about the finish, and doesn’t want to break the bank either.

Also excellent is the full weather gear–excellent top, great windows, stunning matching tonneau.

This is a really nice car, and I am sure the new owner will be very happy to have a great Bugeye at a great price!

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