” No hill for a climbing man…” Bugeye Sprite completes 1350 mile winter drive


Our man Cody arrived in Navarre Beach Florida last night, after departing Connecticut this past Sunday. He spent about two full days with his 6’4″ frame packed in his Bugeye, and drove straight through Monday night. Congratulations Cody for your great adventure! And congratulations to our team of Sprite experts who helped build this car!

Mechanical issues were minor, and we are delighted, because we spent about a month getting the car ready for its new home so we had high expectations. His wipers stopped when his wiper motor overheated, but his glass was already well coated with RainX since the one speed wipers didn’t work that well even when new.

I got a phone call on Monday night at about 10pm from the shoulder on the Interstate with Cody saying that “the headlights had quit,” which I think caused me more stress then it did him. But I told him to cycle his high beam dip switch, and in two minutes he was back on his way again. Those dip switches are poorly made reproductions and we hope our suppliers can improve the quality, because this is obviously a safety issue. His last issue was a sticking clutch piston in the master cylinder, which should be easy to fix now that he is home. All in all, this was an impressive feat for a 55 year old tiny 45 hp car, and an even more impressive feat for the driver!

Who’s next?


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