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The ultimate 1960 Bugeye Sprite Barn Find


Now sold and soon heading to Ohio! Look for updates on our site as we work to preserve not restore this great vehicle! Congratulations Roby!

This car is a California time capsule dream-come-true! If you like unrestored barn-finds, check this one out!

AN5L 31457 is an amazingly solid car with the original engine and rare color combination, all verified by a heritage certificate. She was dispatched on January 25 of 1960 to California according to the heritage certificate and has been a lifelong California car, stored in a dry Fresno climate since 1988– last on the road in 1979. The envelope that must have carried the current 1979 registration sticker was still in the door pocket… postmarked 1/13/78 (see photo). That the envelope lasted so well preserved just sitting in the door pocket for 37 years is an amazing testimonial for California weather!

Take a video tour of this rare find:

There is no rust at all on any of the body panels, which we’ve never seen before on an unrestored car. There is no rust in the rockers or fender bottoms or in any of the usual rust spots on these cars. We’re used to seeing these unrestored cars with rust holes all over the lower sides… not so here!

I purchased the car from the second owner, who purchased it in 1988 from the original owner. He intended to restore it but never got to it. The first owner had put about 96845 miles on the car, still showing on the odometer. The second owner sold me the car this year. Since 1988 the car has been in dry storage. The original engine runs! See our barn find engine start video.

The underside is excellent, with just one issue in the drivers floor pan, apparently some water sat in the footwell while the car was sitting all these years, so the car will need a new footwell welded in place on the driver side. This is a roughly two foot square flat panel (which we have in stock) and a very easy fix. That’s the only body restoration this car will need! Check out the underside tour below!

Even the original thin rubber floor mat is still in place on the driver’s side, another exciting rarity. So is the door weather strip and all the other items on the car. I’ve photographed the back of the dashboard too, where you can see the radio knock-out is still intact from the factory, as well as the original dashboard covering. So many of these cars have had AM radios installed and then later removed, leaving a lack of support for the dashboard covering. Not so here!

The original red door liners are in the doors, their glue let go long ago, but they have fallen into the doors and can be reattached. Also of note is the yellow crayon markings you can see in the photographs behind the dashboard and on the back ledge behind the passenger seat. These are factory markings which are often removed or painted over. The back of dash codes indicate the way each car is to be equipped as it was assembled and it’s always excting to see these factory markings still in place. In this case, the wooden grab handle support behind the dash obscures the writing, but underneath you would find the codes for the various (limited) options that went into this car.

We’ve now sold 146 Bugeyes, and not one has been in Nevada Beige, which is the rare original color of this car per the heritage certificate. It’s exciting to imagine this car resprayed in that rare color, which happens to look fantastic with the original burgundy red interior.

It’s complete, and ready for a new home! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an unmolested Bugeye barn find! Never repainted, never restored, never molested, never modified… this is a very unique car.

This one commands a premium because of its amazing rockers and fender bottoms, zero rust nose, no body damage, heritage certificate verified original engine, unique original beige color and unmolested condition. This is the sort of Bugeye you don’t find often, and after all that we have sold, we’ve never seen one quite like this… and we may never find another in this condition! Look for this car on EBAY starting Sunday March 8,2015!

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