(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale! Street-ready vintage racer!


Congratulations Bill! This car is now sold and headed to a new home in NY!

I love this car. I have been staring at it periodically wishing I could drive it, and now that we’ve made it street ready, I can drive this racer around town without needing to load it up on a trailer for the sojourn to the race track. It has been civilized for everyday use, but I assure you, jumping in and firing it up you’ll still feel like you’re in an all-out racer!

“Fletch” (AN5L 29594) had a complete street makeover and is now street legal and ready for regular road service.

We’ve mounted new tires on UK built minilight wheels, put in a generator and cooling fan, moved the battery from the passenger floor to the original battery shelf, put on air filters, installed two new stock Bugeye seats, put in all the original lights and switches and wired it all up. We’ve also put on a great muffler that retains the cars throaty growl, changed the heim joint radius arms to rubber bushed ones (for driver comfort), put back in a parking brake, and rebuilt and refreshed the rear brakes. We dropped the tank, replaced the sender which we fit with an ethanol proof metal float, and wired up a fuel gauge and mounted it beneath the dash, so we could retain the slick electric gauges that are currently installed. Fuel tank, BTW, was nearly new inside.

We mounted a Brooklands screen on the driver side to retain the racy cockpit. A second screen is available for the passenger side, if desired. In fact, we can build the car out to the new owners specifications… new carpet, tonneau and seat belts are a few examples of items we can fit to the car for the new owner.

The 1098 engine clearly has a lightened flywheel, the free-revving result is immediately evident. The car lopes over at a nice idle, a bit higher than stock given the hot cam, but still very user-friendly. Power is excellent, it’s a snappy little power plant that fires right up.

Handling is tight and exceptional. It was built by a superb race car builder in the midwest for optimal performance. He ran everything through the tunnel and interior of the car so that nothing was hanging down and the car could be as low as possible for the track. That gives the car its aggressive look. His workmanship is exceptional and many parts were chromed for a super clean look. The car is a delight to drive and the brooklands screen works quite nicely.

This car is exceptionally solid and rust free. If you want a super fun and unique racer tribute that still retains it’s race track guts (comes with the original vintage race log book), Fletch is worth a very close look! Call or email for more details! More pictures including engine pictures to come shortly.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours