Street drive in a Bugeye Sprite Vintage racer


I drove five awesome British cars today, but this car, #47 “Fletch,” (for sale in the next post) was by far my favorite. Fletch reminded me of my first minibike, that I pulled onto the street in front of my house and held at full throttle, waiting to see just how fast I could go. I felt like I was lining up at a start line at every stop sign. This car still feels like a race car. and it calls you to go, and go fast. You should be able to hear the amazing sound as the engine spools-up. This 1098 engine is balanced and has a lightened flywheel so it revs freely. I just wanted to keep on pushing, it sounds better and better as the RPMs climb.

The straight cut gears are a bit whiney, but that sound is quickly drowned out by the screaming exhaust, as the revs build and so does driver joy. Every suburban street corner apex starts calling. Someone is going to have a blast bombing around the neighborhood in this rocket.

We drained the battery hooking up the lights, and I couldn’t wait for a full charge, so you’ll see us push starting in these videos. We’ll fix that for the new owner.

And if you are wondering what I else drove today: I drove to work in a 5 speed Bugeye (testing after our upgrade of the transmission). Next I tested a supercharged Bugeye we just completed for another customer. Then I drove our Austin Healey 3000 (we’ve just finished restoring) to drop off our packages around the corner, and then I drove our right hand drive Morris Minor Traveler home. A great day with great cars! (But this racer gave me the biggest smile…)

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