Wonderful 1960 BT7 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 for sale!

Now sold! Way to go Scott, congratulations!

Of all the big Healeys we have had, this car is one of my favorites. It’s just right, gorgeous and impressive, but not so nice you would be afraid to drive it. This car was owned for 14 years by someone who did just that… they drove it about 10k miles, and loved every minute. Test drive video below!


Lately, 3000s are either immaculately restored (and priced in the stratosphere) or completely clapped out and still expensive. This one, however, feels so right, because it’s a solid car that isn’t perfect but is really, really nice. It seems like the kind of sportscar we might jump into for a road trip back in 1975. Not fresh and new, but still completely capable and sound. We have it for sale for $34,995. That’s a lot of classic car for the money and she’s really fun to drive!

HBT7L 6635 was purchased by the last owner in 2001 from Tony Tracy in Toronto, Canada. Tony is the father of IndyCar driver Paul Tracy and is/was a licensed Rolls Royce mechanic. At the time of purchase, Tony had a collection of 32 British cars — Rolls, Jags, Bentleys, Triumphs, MGs and this Healey. According to Tony, he bought the car as a work-in-progress from a doctor/lawyer who had already sunk $35K into the uncompleted restoration. Tony then completed the restoration sometime in the mid to late 90’s.

The entire drivetain was rebuilt during the restoration. The engine (29D/RU/H 9945) was rebuilt to run on unleaded gas, with new hardened valve seats. I believe this to be the original engine that came with the car. It’s the correct type for a 1960 BT7 and the engine numbers never match the vin numbers on BT7s, so a heritage certificate is needed to verify this (if that matters to you… it’s a driver). Runs great, no smoke, great oil pressure, great synchros, overdrive works. Leather seats are beautiful. Olde English White paint still looks great over Colorado red coves. Excellent tonneau. Nearly new top and good side curtains, all in great shape. See photos! Looks great with top and tonneau on! Underside is very solid, great outriggers and floors. Smiths Voltmeter and ammeter were added, useful and look great under the dash.

Here’s a lot of nostalgic grace and fun for not a lot of dough. If you have been wanting to get into a big Healey without breaking the bank, here is a great entry point. It’s not a car that needs restoration, but instead one that impresses, and one that you can drive around all summer long, always arriving with a big smile.

It’s really hard to find a “just right” Healey just like this!

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