Starter 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale


Now SOLD SOLD SOLD to Scott in NY! Congratulations! Our 160th sold!!!

This is “Angus.” I like this car a lot for anyone wanting to get into Bugeyes without much up-front cost. The car looks great but has a few small rust issues. It’s otherwise a surprisingly solid and nice looking car with an upgraded 1275 engine.

This is a black plate California car, and is very solid throughout the rear spring box area, and trunk floor, and rear fender bottoms. There is some blistering in the front of the rocker panels. There is also rust in the A pilar, and front footwell. The rear floor pans are quite good though, as you can see in the photos. Most of the rust is contained to the A pilar and front footwell. While there are a few issues, this is NOT a rusty car… far from it. These are easy repairs. And the presence of these challenges allows you to purchase the car at a very reasonable price.

The rust can be fixed here if the new owner so desires. But I would be inclined to leave it as is and enjoy this car without restoration. You save on your upfront costs and can immediately enjoy a great Bugeye with a nice upgraded 1275 engine. I would suggest that the rust repair wait until the car is repainted, and while there are a few nicks here and there, he still looks great as shown in the pictures.

Fuel pump is upgraded to electric. Brakes are stock drum. The car drives great!

Give a call if you are interested and we can design a build-out plan with you!

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