(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

50 pictures of beautiful Bugeye moments

We just sold our 165th Bugeye Sprite.

I am personally in awe of this accomplishment. I never would have guessed when I purchased “Gumby” in 1979 (pictured below) that we would one day end up with a business born out of a passion for a simple little car with a lot of personality.


How can we objectively measure the quantity of Bugeyes we have sent to new homes?

It’s a column of Bugeyes 1856 feet long, bumper to bumper, a procession long enough to reach, well, a bit more than a quarter mile! (ok, they’re small cars)

It’s 109 tons of Bugeyes.

It’s 330 tuned and synchronized SU carbuettors. (thank you Russ)

It’s 660 torn radius arm bushings we’ve replaced.

And probably 165,000 truck miles for all the cars we have transported around America and beyond.

But none of this data tells the real story.

Yesterday, while preparing the 165th Bugeye “Bliss” for the new owners who are 2000 miles away, lunch arrived for our crew. Sandwiches, Sprite and cookies were sent by that new owner, who took the time to find a local Connecticut deli via YELP on her smartphone and have them deliver lunch for the people building her new car. For me, this tells the story, of the 165 wonderful new Frogeye owners who have come together to celebrate this amazing little car, built in a time that now seems so far away, when people drove cars that meant something more than just a means to get from A to B.

Here is a slideshow of 50 of the wonderful people and smiles (and dogs)that have built our business and have kept these cars alive and well. The first slide is Sir Stirling Moss, getting into my friend Bill Prout’s Bugeye at Lime Rock to sign the dashboard. The last slide is Gerry Coker, designer of the Bugeye (and Healey 100) who I was lucky to meet at the Healey Enclave this year in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to all of you, for visiting this website, for following our work, and for making the world’s roadways a little happier place.

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