Our new line of Bugeye Sprite carpet is now for sale






For years we’ve seen Bugeyes fit with lousy carpet kits that seem to have been made by people who never actually fit one into a Bugeye before. We got tired of complaining and made our own kit that works. We are proud to introduce a fine new product, that includes all the pieces you need to cover the interior of your car from trunk floor to foot well. (click “read more” to view more pictures and to order)

We’ve tested this kit on dozens of Bugeyes, and now it’s available for you to purchase exclusively on this site. The kit includes a trunk floor piece, that comes up the rear tunnel to meet the bulkhead piece on the rear shelf behind your seats. We added this because the rear carpet helps damp any boot noise and makes the trunk area look more finished. The kit also includes all the components you need to cover your footwells and cross members.

Of course carpet is not stock, and never was on Bugeyes, but because the rubber tunnel mats that came on the floors of Bugeyes are not available, carpet is next best thing, and makes a really nice finished cockpit. If you want a stock concours look check out our non-carpet cockpit: Concours Interior

IMG_7923 IMG_7924 IMG_7925 IMG_7926 IMG_7927

We offer this carpet in the standard colors like deep red and black, and we also offer lapis blue and navy blue (above, lower left) which look great in iris blue cars. Olive (upper left) is available too for leaf green Bugeyes, and we even have caramel (upper right), an excellent choice for cars in dark green, dark blue or burgundy. Gunmetal (lower right) is another very nice color, that would complement black, silver and lots of other choices.

The complete kits are $359.95 plus shipping, and you can order by clicking the button below. You can pay with paypal or with your credit card. You do not need a paypal account. If you have any issues with this interface, please call and we will gladly take your info over the phone. Make sure to choose the color you prefer from the drop down menu, as the default setting is black.

Unlike other kits out there, this one covers the entire  car from boot floor to foot well and makes for a very impressive restoration.



All you need to install the kit is to remove your seats and panel kit. The small carpet pieces are held in place with glue (not included). The larger of the pieces lay in the floor pan or can be glued if you prefer. They can also be applied over dynamat (which we also have) if you prefer. There is a felt backing on the tunnel and large floor pan pieces to help dampen noise (as seen in the red sample photo above. No snaps are required.

Let’s make your Bugeye beautiful. Email with any questions.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours