Bugeye Sprite “security”

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Here’s a great piece of Bugeye history. This is a period advertisement for a boot locking partition for Bugeyes, which allow for a sealed trunk and locking storage.  If you are unfamiliar with these cars, there is no locking boot lid, and all trunk access is from behind the seats.

We have seen some Sprites come through our shop with homemade versions of these and frankly, they are a bit of a pain. We’ve found these to dramatically limit quick access to the handy storage shelf behind the seats. They make spare tire removal more difficult, and the piano hinges are at risk if you lean on the shelf to reach back into the trunk. And after all, securing a Bugeye is a bit of a joke in the first place. We’ve found that reasonable security comes from the fact that the door handles are not visible on the outside of the car, and that many people can’t figure out lift the dot fittings to open a tonneau. I have never had anyone reach into my car or unzip my tonneau, and who carries valuables in their Bugeye anyway. Regardless, we all love rare period accessories, and wonderful vintage advertisements like this one!

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