Build a Bugeye cockpit worthy of concours gold… with our new hardura mat kit!

Finally! Here’s a non-carpet solution for your Bugeye interior!

yellow concours cockpit

DSC07458Bugeyes were originally delivered with rubber floor mats throughout. Most of these inexpensive rubber mats have long since worn out and been discarded. Thus most restorers use carpet, which is an elegant solution that has become widely accepted, even though no Bugeye ever came with carpet when new. Carpet works great, and we’ve even developed our own custom kit (which we sell on this site). Still, there is something very un-Bugeye about carpet.

In fact, when preparing a concours car, carpet will cost you up to 20 points. We tried to make the original rubber mats but the molds were cost prohibitive. So we instead fabricated a  hardura tunnel mat to match the original trunk lining. It’s not technically correct, but it looks great and it only cost us 3 points when the car was judged (because it’s not the original rubber).

Now we are making this same material available so that anyone to restore a Bugeye with a more authentic rubberized interior finish. The kit for sale below is exactly what we fit in our Gold level Bugeye. Watch the video below for more information about carpet and hardura:

We’ve put together all the pieces so you can build a beautiful and more authentic interior, from footwell all the away back to  the boot floor. In our hardura kit you get the following 17 pieces to cover an entire Bugeye interior floor and trunk floor. The photo album below shows all the components:

A full hardura trunk kit, including boot floor mat (under the spare tire), rear shelf liner/ rear bulkhead cover (behind seats)
Two hardura rear wheel arch covers
Two fiberboard rear inner fender liners
One hardura tunnel cover
Two Amco style rubber mats for the footwells
Two Amco style rubber mats for aft of the crossmember
Two custom rubber mats for the outer sills
A complete tin cross member kit for the foot well cross members

You’ll need one can of spray glue (not included) to hold down the carpets-we suggest 3m heavy duty “20” aerosol. This is all you will need to finish the floors and tunnel in your car. Whether preparing for concours judging or just looking for a more authentic restoration, this is a great kit to make your Bugeye spectacular!

The kit sells for $439.95 plus $24.95 shipping. Order today!

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