“EMIL,” a very special 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale.

We love this car. Of course we’re biased, because we built it to be outstanding for a special owner. We met this car about three years ago, brought to us by a passionate car guy, who had a Ferrari 458, McLaren and Porsche GT3 in his stable. He brought us to car to make it work flawlessly, and we upgraded everything.

First we restored the body by welding-in new sheet metal as needed and then we painted the car in correct olde english white. Next we restored all systems, put on new chrome wire wheels wheels and slightly wider tires (for better braking and handling), a new walnut burl dashboard and a new engine and transmission. No wonder we bought it back happily, with only 200 or so miles since we built it, and now you can own this fantastic car that was completely rebuilt (and that shared the garage with an awesome collection of supercars)!

This car is called Emil (after its last steward) and on 8/2/13 (and less than 200 miles ago) we delivered it with the following upgrades:
Front disk brakes, performance exhaust system, spin-on oil filter, electric fuel pump, K & N lifetime air filters, newly rebuilt carburetors, upgraded locking choke cable, all new interior, new fuel tank, new battery, powder coated cockpit trim and windshield, new E-brake cable, new shocks, new radiator and new grill. Nearly everything is new.

We also installed LED park and brake lights. We love these because you can use the park lights as daytime running lights. They are bright enough to do the job and keep this Bugeye more visible in modern traffic. The brake lights are about 20 times brighter than stock, and you can’t tell any of the LEDs are installed until you hit the brakes (the authentic look of the car is preserved).

This car also has a flip-forward fiberglass nose. If you have ever worked on a Bugeye, you’ll appreciate this feature, as it makes engine access a delight, and makes maintenance so much easier than with the conventional bonnet with hinges at the rear. If you are wondering about originality, remember that Bugeyes were famously modified through the years. Many were converted to flip-forward (especially racers) and many used fiberglass because it radically reduces the weight of this already lean car. If you are into originality, we have “Bo,” a stock Bugeye. But this one is uprated in so many ways, and the glass nose is just one more nice feature that suits this package perfectly.

IMG_8296 IMG_8305

The red tonneau is stunning (see photos). We can fit a matching red top, if the new owner so desires, but since this was a fair weather car, a tonneau was all that was needed for the prior owner, and will probably be all you need as well.

This is an outstanding Bugeye with nice performance upgrades. If you are looking for a special car, don’t delay, don’t miss this one, don’t presume another will come along like it… while all our cars are carefully prepared, this one is done and prepared with a “blank check” restoration, which doesn’t happen all that often. You can’t go wrong! Call or email with questions or to purchase this fine Sprite.

Complete List of upgrades:

1. Front disk brakes
2. Performance twin-tipped muffler
3. Stainless steel lifetime center pipe
4. performance exhaust header
5. spin on oil filter adapter
6. K & N Lifetime air filters
7. electric fuel pump
8. upgraded locking choke cable
9. completely rebuilt and refinished carburetors
10. new fuel tank
11. new chrome wire wheels
12. new 165 wider tires
13. new premium battery
14. new shocks front and rear
15. powder coated cockpit trim
16. powered coated windshield frame
17. new windshield gaskets
18. new windshield
19. new radiator
20. new grill
21. new e brake cable
22. LED park brake and turn signals
23. electronic flasher
24. Later type dual piston rear brakes
25. upgraded sleeved master cylinder
26. Rebuilt rib case transmission
27. Rebuilt 1275 engine
28. rear seal engine upgrade
29. Hardened valve seats
30. New clutch
31. all new interior
32. Custom burl wood dashboard
33. Matching wood shift knob

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