Former vintage Bugeye Sprite racer made street ready!


Now sold and heading to Louisiana. Congratulations Vincent!

If you like old-school vintage racers, this is a great car to consider. “Thomas,” is a stock Bugeye now set up for street use. He was run in a few vintage races by the former owner but we chose to bring the racing blood to the street full time by adding lights and comfortable new seats for driver and  passenger. You’ve still got some cool go fast parts, like a panhard rod and wider tires, as well as a performance exhaust system to remind you of what’s possible. The priority here however was to build a street-friendly little racer with great heritage proudly displayed.

This car is inexpensive, simple, and basic. It’s bound to bring a big smile to your face. Exhaust is well muffled, so it will idle politely at traffic lights and it is not going to shake your neighbors out of bed when you start it up on a Sunday morning (like some vintage racers). Come for a drive in the video below!


You can see the car in it’s former racing guise in this wonderful video at it’s last track event in 2012 and Put-In-Bay, Ohio. And if you are interested in getting into vintage racing, click here to read more about The Put-In-Bay event, which looks to feature a wonderful group of people having a great time with old cars. The first race there was in 1952… And it would also be wonderful to see this car at the Lime Rock fall festival…

Thomas features a strong stock 948 engine and four speed transmission with drum brakes all around. Added are a solid state electric fuel pump, rev limiter, roll cage, larger SU carburetors, velocity stacks and lowered springs. The result is a mildly tuned little pocket racer you can track or simply enjoy as is on the street for great fun!

The Rev limiter was set on a conservative 4500 rpms when we got the car, a great sign that this engine has not been beat-up or abused.

Tires are nearly new 175s for great handling, fit on later sprite (stronger) steel wheels. A fat front anti roll bar and racing adjustable upper rear radius arms are also fit. Master cylinders have been upgraded to dual type from a later sprite, a nice upgrade.

The underside has been completely restored and welded-up. No floor pan or spring box issues! The nose is set up to flip-forward, which allows superior engine access. The luggage rack can be easily removed if the car becomes a dedicated racer, or, if the new owner uses the car on the street, the rack has practical utility.

This is a a solid car that will afford the new owner great fun, and it’s offered at a very reasonable price of $13,995. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get into Bugeyes, here’s an easy way to get started. You are not likely to find such a solid car that drives so nicely for the money, and even if you have no interest in vintage racing, this car is a great platform you can further modify or enjoy on the street in it’s current configuration without financial strain!

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