Why this badge matters

councours scaled2We earned this Concours gold badge in Gettysburg, PA at the 2015 Austin Healey Enclave national meet, for the preparation of AN5L 552, a 1958 Bugeye sprite. It took four judges two full hours to scrutinize every inch of the car we prepared and determine that it was worthy of this highest level of Concours certification.

This is a significant achievement… the Concours registry could not tell me when the last time anyone attained gold level with a Bugeye. It is not an easy task. In fact it took us months to get it right and was, after the 167 Bugeyes we have built in one way, shape or form, the hardest project we ever tackled. Everything had to be correct, and also look great. That’s a tall order with any 50-plus year old car.

Today’s online world is full of strong opinions, frequent misinformation, and stories from people who know better. I like the fact that we are not just another online opinion. We have subjected ourselves to the highest level of in-person scrutiny, and won gold.

IMG_6545“552” is now sold to a wonderful new owner, and she proudly wears this badge on her grill. But we’ll also showcase this badge on our homepage from now on, as a reminder that we know how to make a Bugeye  just like it came from the factory. And given this foundation, we also know how to customize and improve upon this wonderful car to your exact specifications.

We welcome the opportunity to build a stock or modified car just for you.

Check out our new Concours DVD and get yourself a copy to learn how we built our Gold level car.

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