How to build a better Bugeye hut

IMG_8375As many of you know, we purchased a 1951 Quonset hut last July so we could build the ultimate Bugeye home. We started with a funky old building and are working to create a great blend of old and new to house all of our operations.

An eleven foot car restoration is one thing but a 100 foot long building restoration is proving a bit more challenging. Yet each day we are making more progress, particularly since this winter has been relatively mild and precipitation-free. The roofers are skinning the exterior of the structure with rigid insulation so we can remove all the internal insulation and expose the original corrugated metal. Then they cap the new exterior insulation with three long pieces of standing seam tin, to weatherproof what has for many years been a leaking structure. While our cars usually leak, our hope is that our restored building will not. New windows are also now in place.

IMG_8782This week, we will complete our new mezzanine, so we can finally have some offices and additional storage space. And I am most excited about the new front entrance, which brings our Bugeye-esque curve right out to the street (our current building face is square concrete block).

As all this work progresses, we continue to build great cars inside, and also develop some more great new products. Thank you for visiting our website and for your support. We have many great Bugeye innovations in store for the coming year, and our new HQ will facilitate our continued growth.



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