A Bugeye Sprite guaranteed to fit in your garage!

IMG_8741-2I have always been a crazed die cast model collector, and the Bugeyeguy business got its start when this 11 year old boy, with a cabinet full of Corgi cars, would drive them all over the kitchen counters and even up and down the walls. Finally we have a stock, although limited, of 1:43 cars for sale, and they are very nice ones at that.

These are Solido models from France, well detailed RHD Bugeyes that pass our accuracy test. I was ready to them at the top of the new standing seam roof on our headquarters (which now looks a lot like giant pieces of hot wheels track) so they could roll down and pile up at the bottom, but we will spare the carnage, and leave them all in their protective little cases, so that we can ship you the ultimate sealed little Bugeye you can proudly display on our desk or dashboard.

Who cares about cool full-sized cars… here’s a bunch of Bugeyes that will truly fit in your pocket. Supply is limited, so don’t delay if you want one! $44.95 plus $7.95 shipping. Click below to buy one while they last.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours