(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

“TAD,” 1959 AH Bugeye Sprite for sale-great driver!

Way to go Jim, now a great fun car in your garage! Congratulations! # 177!

This is a car named “Tad,” after his prior owner. This is a great car with a strong 948 engine and zero mile rebuilt transmission which we just installed. Tad also has a really nice fiberglass nose which was made by Faspec, a Sprite parts company that was around years ago. That nose flips forward for superior engine access. Weight savings with a fiberglass nose are quite significant and they make engine access a breeze. Anyone can appreciate how much easier it is to lift a glass nose for service access.

We’ve just added leather bonnet straps to better keep the nose in place and now Tad is ready to go and available for just $16,495. Check out the great video below, which was shot from a drone!

This is a great driver that we recently serviced to prepare the car for a new home. We’ve installed new front shocks, slave cylinder, front wheel bearings, radius arm bushings, battery hold down, fuel filter, emergency brake cable and we’ve repaired the exhaust leaks. New leaf springs were previously installed. We’ve also just fit new steering rack boots.

We have also repaired a floor pan issue outboard of the spring mounts. There was some rust particularly on the driver side outboard floor so we removed the plate under the spring box and cut out the cancer. We welded in new metal and primed and seam-sealed the edges. Now Tad’s underside is excellent.

The car shows 7689 miles, but actual mileage is unknown. The car has an older tonneau, and no top, although we can easily fit a new one should the new owner desire. The windshield has a small crack, which you can see in picture 22 below. I would leave it as is because it is below for field of vision while on the road, but we do have new windshields if the new owner so desires.

This could perhaps be the first Bugeye drive ever recorded by a drone! The video above gives a bird’s eye view of Tad’s old neighborhood. I purchased this car from beautiful central Washington, and here you can see the amazing local scenery. The passenger in the video is controlling the drone, and doing an awesome job of making me want to hit the open road!

Call or email to make Tad yours! This is a nice solid car at a very attractive price.

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