Bugeyeguy Fuel Tank Kit

Ever smelled fuel when you filled up your Bugeye? Senders are notorious for leaking, it’s not easy to get a good seal, and the leak only manifests when you fill the tank. Then, fuel fills the depression around the sender on top of the tank, and sits there stinking-up the back of your car.

We have a solution— now you can buy a complete tank, pre-loaded with a new sender, Viton gaskets and metal float, pressure tested and ready to install. This is the set-up we have used with great results, on the hundreds of Austin Healey Sprites that have passed through our shop. Check out the video below to see how we address this problem area:

The plastic floats that come on most senders, by the way, are completely useless, ethanol attacks them. We discard them so you won’t have to worry later, when your fuel gauge sticks at E because of a sunk plastic float. Our metal float is the answer.

Nine out of ten times we remove the sender to fix leaks and find too much rust in the tank to save it. So a new tank is often needed. Here’s the whole kit ready to go. The ethanol in modern fuel attracts water, so most classic car fuel tanks have their share inside, which means rust is not far behind. We’ve even seen a brand new looking tank with a pin hole leak caused by a water bubble that sat for years in the same place. Remember, water is heavier than fuel, and will sit on the bottom of the tank and cause trouble, particularly if the car sits a lot in storage. Dry gas and regular driving and circulation of your cars fluids are your best defenses. A new tank also ensures that you won’t pick up rust and clog your float bowls or filter.


Our kit includes:
A sealed and tested tank
A sender unit with a metal float and superior gasket (installed)
A tank to body gasket
A filler neck gasket

Get yours today for $339.95 plus shipping (please note this is an oversize item and costly to ship)

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