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New DVD-How to build a Concours Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite

IMG_6562We are proud to introduce an all new DVD about the Gold Medal Concours Bugeye we prepared in the summer of 2015 for the National Austin Healey Conclave in Pennsylvania. Building AN5L 552 was the most difficult project we’ve taken-on to date. We were ecstatic to earn gold certification, confirmed after two hours of intense judging by a team of four highly qualified judges. Check out the video trailer above!


IMG_6471 IMG_6537To be clear, this was not a ten-minute judged concours but a comprehensive Austin Healey club sponsored review of every nut and bolt on the car. Originality by itself is not sufficient… everything has to be correct AND in excellent shape. We scored 967 points out of a possible 1000, thus earning a gold badge (950 and higher is gold, 900-950 silver, etc). We cannot find evidence of another Bugeye that ever earned this certification, so it’s quite an honor to have built this car.

This DVD shows you how we did it.

This 90 minute disk is broken into about 10 chapters so you can zero in on each segment of the car. We detail the points system and show you how we earned 967, and where we lost 33, so you can build your car with accuracy in mind. Even if you never go to a concours event, this DVD provides you with a detailed study of what is correct on these cars. We look forward to sharing this comprehensive study of one of the oldest Bugeyes left!

This new disk is not yet in stock. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, we should have our inventory of disks shortly!
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