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“ROSE,” Completely restored ’60 Bugeye Sprite for sale-New Video!


Congratulations Ron and Laura! Delighted to provide you with your second Bugeye– this is a great one!

AN5L 25015 “Rose” is now ready, and with each car we build they just keep getting better. This car is absolutely dreamy, a joy to drive in every way. The ride is plush (for a Bugeye), the handling is tight, the power is sweet, everything works right. I took a drive of the final product and beamed. We are a team of proud restorers who made a wonderful car. Each one just gets a little bit better.

CHECK OUT THIS NEW VIDEO and click “read more” to see all the pictures!

Primrose yellow Rose was a stalled restoration that got started in the 70s. The car had been painted back then, and we repainted it again this month because it had a number of scratches from a long life in the garage. We rebuilt it using NOS and other new parts. Seats are all new. Carpet is new. Everything works. The 948 engine was rebuilt and powers down the road nicely. The car looks wonderful and is a delight to drive. The underside is also immaculate, we’ll post some pictures for you shortly!

We put a ton of work to complete this wonderful car, as did the prior owner. We have it for sale for $29,995. Give a call if you would like us to ship you this wonderful car.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours