Take two and call me in the morning

IMG_9314A bag of giant aspirin tablets hangs on the wall in our workshop and we needed it this week for quite a challenge… we worked on a bugeye that would break-up at sustained high load (EG up big hills or high speed in top gear on the highway). Below, Russ The Mechanic and I head out for another cold weather test drive while wearing our winter Bugeye Beanies (see “Bugeye apparel for sale” to order your own, aspirin not included)

We work really hard to extract that last 20% out of all the cars that come through here, and it often takes 80% of the effort for that last bit. In this case, the car ran great, except, when it didn’t. So we were determined to find the source of the trouble (and while frustrating at times, it’s actually fun to figure it out).

IMG_9273Turns out the valve stems were binding in the new valve guides once they heated up sufficiently (under high load). So we’ll have our engine builder fix the guides so we can send this car on it’s way. Twas a very interesting problem because it behaved like fuel starvation and/or an ignition issue, so we spent a lot of time to get to the source of the problem! (Hence the giant aspirin, which are actually foam disks from Frogeye fuel tank gaskets, which we don’t suggest eating)

Valve guides have to be right… too loose and they leak oil into the combustion chamber and too tight and you have erratic valve action as the guides heat-up!

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