Door Seal Kit for your Bugeye

Door seal is such an important part of a Bugeye interior. Too fat a seal and your doors will no longer align. And with improper termination of the ends, you end up with a frayed cut that is in plain view each and every time you open the door. The trick here is to use seals of the correct thickness, (which we have for sale here), and to properly terminate the ends. They knew this at the factory, and in the video here, you can see how they did it to properly terminate the ends so the cuts are not visible.

We sell our door seal kit with two clips so you can secure the product underneath your dash trim as shown to hide the front cut. The video here also shows you how to terminate the back cut behind the panel. Affixing your door seal this way gives you a wonderful finished look, just like what would have come from the factory!

In the video below, you can also see our carpet kit, which features multiple adjustments to make it fit far better than the kits that are offered by other suppliers. We have panel kits available too, in black and red. Top bow holders are also in stock and available.

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