Fuel injected Bugeye Sprite update

We had our first run in this wonderful car, and the performance was impressive! Power is immediate, and there is more of it, all a byproduct of this much more efficient delivery system. This is now the quickest Bugeye I have ever driven. We’ll have a new driving video soon, once we work out a few more kinks.

IMG_0320In the photos above, Russ and Ryan lean-in as they learn to lean-it-out by laptop. Russ had to keep his SU carb mixture adjusting tool in his box. Instead, this one is managed via USB cable and laptop, manned here by Ryan. We celebrate the infinite adjustability.

For example, we wanted the idle a little leaner for smoothness without leaning out the full range, and computer tuning allows us this luxury. This fuel injection system offers us the ability to make infinite adjustments throughout the range, to get the best final result.

We are purists at heart, and that’s what made the concours Bugeye project so much fun last year. And we are also extremely committed to sending great cars out into the world, cars that cause the fewest headaches for our customers. This fuel injection project has the potential to help us innovate in both arenas!

It’s quite a bit of work to install, (and there is more to do, we are waiting for the battery hold down) but the rewards are pronounced and immediate. We will build a lot more of these!

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