British by the sea… in the rain!

IMG_0898We headed to British by the Sea last weekend, which unfortunately had a light turn-out because of an ominous forecast. This is a wonderful annual show each June put on by the CT MG club. The Greenwich Concours always falls on the same weekend, but we did that event last year with our concours yellow Bugeye, and instead headed to the MG club show this year, with the silver blown and injected Bugeye. (I wish we could all work together and come up with a schedule that doesn’t force classic car lovers to choose one event or the other!)

IMG_0902The fuel injection in our engine bay attracted a ton of attention so it was tough to leave even though I could see the thunderstorms growing on my smart phone’s radar screen. I finally left at about 2PM and ran headlong into heavy rain 45 minutes later. The drops were pelting my forehead (the chopped windscreen worked great otherwise) and I felt a bit like I was waterskiing in the rain. So I ducked into a highway rest area under the awning and waited it out. We watched wave after wave of heavy rain pass from our dry re-fueling island. If you look closely, you’ll see some eyes peering out from under the hard tonneau. Bodhi appreciated the dog house afforded by this accessory!

IMG_0901After an hour of blocking pump #14, we were off, again to my garage where we thoroughly dried the car. The interior stayed quite dry since we were able to keep moving at a good rate of speed once the rain began. One important tip-if your Bugeye gets wet, even after a wash, raise the nose so the panel under the grill can drain, otherwise pools of water will surely start to rust your car!

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