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Bugeye Bikini Bike

unnamed-7We were delighted to get these great pix from Edd out in North California, the proud new owner of a Bugeyeguy String Bikini top. He’s field tested it at speed with great results, and has been appreciating the sun protection in the 100 degree heat this week. Edd is also a passionate cyclist, and has rigged a front fork quick release to his roll bar and then straps the rear wheel to his luggage rack. About the only thing that can make a Bugeye look cooler is a sweet carbon bike on the back!unnamed-8

We are really excited about the Bikini top, as it keeps out the sun and lets in the fresh air. Edd said he couldn’t take the car on this trip without this top, as his partner is  particularly sun-sensitive. So our mission is accomplished, one more Bugeye that was able to make it’s voyage courtesy of an improved part that was previously unavailable. This new top is highway ready, courtesy of the secure windshield mounting bar which matches the original style of top. In other words, the top is secured to the front of the windshield just like the original Bugeye top, and is therefore quite secure, even at highway speed. We can make these in any color, so feel free to email if you have a specific request!

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