Ground-up restored 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale! “ASHLEY” NEW VIDEO

IMG_0256Now sold to Tom and family, and heading to The Cape! Congratulations!

AN5L 19512 is new ground-up restoration. Originally built mid-1959, this one was a four-year project, that included a complete strip and dip of the tub, to seal and preserve the metal. A rotisserie was used to access the underside so the restorers could easily coat and replace every part. The result is wonderful. We call this one “Ashley.” She’s like a brand new car.

The builders used a newly rebuilt 948 engine coupled with the upgraded rib case transmission that would have come from a later Sprite. They also fit period correct bias ply whitewalls, as well as a nice luggage rack. The wiring harness is all new (as is everything else). An electric fuel pump was also added, which helps prime the carbs quickly when the car is cold (and a mechanical pump might otherwise drain the battery). The interior is also all new.

This car was driven very little after restoration. When we got it, some sorting of the new parts was needed, for example, we fixed the brakes which weren’t quite set-up properly, and we sorted out the original H1s carbs for a smooth idle and good power. The result is exceptional, a well-sorted car that works just as it should. It’s a great package!

A new tonneau is included (see picture), as are side curtains that are ready to be restored by the new owner (or we can sell you new ones). No top was fit, but we have those new as well.

The buyer of this car is looking for an original-spec Bugeye that looks and feels just like a new Bugeye off the show room floor. Call or email if you would like us to ship you this great car! Enclosed shipping to California, by the way, is running about $1400… closer to CT is of course less…)