Blown and injected Bugeye heads to Michigan (with new o2 sensor)

IMG_1108Here’s our super Bugeye on the lift gate loading for the trip to the midwest. This nine month project has come to an end, leaving us with lots of great new options for future Bugeyes. We were sad to see it go!

Before the car left, the last thing to do was add an O2 sensor into the center pipe, so that the fuel injection can adjust fuel delivery after accurately reading what is coming out the exhaust pipe. If you are unfamiliar, the original set up relies on the pre-mapped computer program and is automatically edited based on information received from the temperature probe, throttle opening, crank sensor and altimeter. The o2 sensor supplements that information and allows the computer to edit the fuel needs based on what is actually coming out of the combustion chambers. This is a great upgrade to an already impressive system.

In order to accomplish this goal, we need a way to read the exhaust coming out of the tail pipe, so we weld a bung into the main pipe and then hook up the oxygen sensor to that. Here are some pix of Russ welding in the bung, which in turn allows access to a wealth of new information to help the system automatically manage the fuel flow into the engine.
IMG_1026 IMG_1029

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