Bugeye Sprites, as cool as a cucumber?

IMG_1102Here’s Atlanta loading up for the trip to Detroit area and a new home. Congratulations Todd and Donna!

When I went to load up this car for the trip West, these Cucumbers were on the street next to the truck. “Extras,” said the driver, “help yourself.”

And so it occurred to me that every Bugeye we ship should come with a free cucumber, but it gets pretty hot in those enclosed trailers so I quickly abandoned the idea, since we already have enough moldy food in the shop refrigerator.

On a more serious note, Todd reports that the Michigan registry initially gave him some heat about needing a bumper on the front of the car before they would title it, which was particularly frustrating since he had asked us to remove the bumper prior to shipment… he prefers the look without.

IMG_1510We have experience with registration of old cars in many states and have never heard this before, particularly with a car of this vintage. 90% of the cars we ship are without-bumper. Bumpers were also optional on UK delivered Frogeyes, although it is believed that all US-bound cars came with front bumpers installed. More importantly, the front Bugeye bumper, if fit, is so low, it would be insane for anyone to require it, as it does almost nothing unless you hit the sheetrock in the front of your garage. The world, I am afraid, is just plain taller.

I offered to get on the phone with the local officials, but Todd was successful convincing the powers that be that his bumper-less Bug was worthy of his soon to be delivered personalized frog plates.

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