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Wonderful restored and certified 1965 Sunbeam Tiger! NOW SOLD!


Sold to Phil in Texas! Congratulations Phil!

This is one of my personal cars.

It’s the only V8 I ever owned, and because of the raw power and heritage of these wonderful cars, I thought I might keep it forever. In reality, I have had this car for about two years and driven it only about 100 miles. So it’s time to let it go to someone who will give it some exercise. Besides, I need more space.

This is a 1965 Mark 1 Tiger, B9471169LRXFE with engine 2208 K22KA, certified as a genuine Tiger in 2013 by the Sunbeam Tiger Owner’s Association. The car was originally delivered in PA but has lived in Las Vegas┬ásince the 70s per the stack of receipts that come with the car, which would explain why the car is so rust free. According to the receipts, the correct 260 V8 engine was rebuilt in 1986 and then a $22,000 restoration and re-spray was undertaken in 2012, when the car was shipped from Vegas to Dale’s Restorations in San Bernadino, CA. (Dale’s Restorations is a Tiger specialist.) These receipts detail a complete engine out repaint and many new parts. Indicated mileage is 81,376.

About 7000 Mark 1 Tigers were built. Come for a drive in the video below!

It’s a very strong car with quite a long list of new and restored parts. The prior owner put in a new dashboard, which looks great. We put in a Pertronix electronic ignition and had the tachometer converted to accommodate this upgrade, and now it works flawlessly. We also changed the rear axle pinion seal to stop a small leak. We also changed the rear brake hose. Nothing else was needed and the car drives wonderfully.

The car looks fantastic and is not so perfect that you can’t drive and enjoy it. It’s a blast to drive, with plenty of V8 grunt and great handling. The original hardtop is a nice bonus, and I used the car on cooler Spring and Fall days feeling quite happy to have such a nice lid.

There is a nearly new soft top mounted and stowed in the rear compartment. I’ve added photos of the top being erected. All the original top frame rails and components are present and in good shape. Oddly, the front hold down latches are missing, and need to be simply screwed to the header bow (the holes and threads are good and already in place). The window is in very good shape, and once the latches are installed, this top will pull down nicely. The tonneau is not new but very nice too.

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We have the car priced at $65,900, significantly below the 100-$125k mark I have seen at auctions lately. This one is a driver, that looks stunning, and works beautifully. While not cosmetically perfect, if you want a Tiger that you can use and enjoy, with tons already invested, this is a great collectible to consider! The Tiger market has been appreciating nicely, and I suspect it will continue to do so!

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