1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale, “COLIN,” correct Speedwell Blue! NOW SOLD

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW OWNER, COLIN IS NOW SOLD. We love Colin, (AN5L 30438). This is a solid and very well-restored Bugeye which we have prepared for the two prior owners, and we were delighted to have a chance to purchase it again just this week. Unlike the often months-long period of preparation our cars usually enjoy, we know Colin is ready, primarily because it already has all the best upgrades courtesy of generous prior owners. This car has had the best of the best, and now you can enjoy Colin next.

IMG_1710For the prior owners, we have upgraded just about every system. The stock 948 engine was upgraded with a 1098 head (which breathes better) with hardened valve seats (for modern unleaded fuel). We fit an exhaust header and sport muffler with a great note. Front disk brakes and sway bar were added. Recent 165 radials on minilight wheels look good, roll true and improve braking and handling. Upgraded headlights and LED lights are fit throughout. Colin has only about 1000 miles on a newly rebuilt ribcase transmission. Also fit are electric fuel pump, new distributor with electronic ignition, spin-on oil filter conversion, new radiator. Recent top, tonneau and side curtains, with deluxe cases, three-point retractible seat belts, wood dash, wood wheel, cigarette lighter, locking chock knob upgrade, larger dash mirror, and on and on.

This car is the true love of two prior meticulous and passionate owners. If you are looking for a stock looking Bugeye with a lot of fantastic upgrades, here’s a chance to own one fully sorted and tastefully upgraded Bugeye!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours