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1960 Austin Healey Sprite, budget driver! “PERCY” NOW SOLD!



This is a 1960 Bugeye Sprite called “Percy” (AN5L 22757). Percy needs paint, but is a super driver for anyone looking for an inexpensive Bugeye without cosmetic worry. It’s the ultimate Island car, I could imagine this car at my Block Island house (if I had a Block Island House), just waiting for me after I flew there in my airplane (if I had an airplane). This car has Island patina. It has not been constrained by a life in a garage. And it has had too much sun.

Percy has a 1977 Virgin Island registration sticker on the windshield, maybe that is coloring my imagined history for this particular car. Hey Mon, it’s a Bugeye Mon! Indicated mileage reads 38,814. (The car currently has a clear US title, so no worries about paperwork)


Anyway, the buyer for this car wants a driving project they can restore as they go. Or the buyer has dogs with sharp claws, and doesn’t want to worry about scratches. The underside is solid, consistent with a car that has been in dry climate most if not all of its life. Interior is also quite nice, seats look nearly new.

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Percy drives quite well, and there is more it do to get the mechanicals in tip-top shape. We have gone through the car and fixed quite a few things. We have put in a new electronic fuel pump and slave cylinder. We have a list of it’s remaining needs, feel free to call to discuss.

We have the car priced at $10,995, so the price is attractive, and you can do more work, or hire us to bring the car to the next level, or drive the car onto the ferry that goes to the Island of your choice, and head to the beach! (we might add a tonneau for you in case there is a shower, although there is a good top included)

Percy has a strong upgraded 1275 engine, compression is good @ 132, 132, 145, 145. Upgraded electronic ignition (no points), rib case transmission and drum brakes all around, along with nearly new mini light wheels… all for good fun in Margaritaville!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours