Resto-mod ’60 Morris Minor Convertible, is now SOLD

There are not many classic british cars left that you can get restored for less than $15k, let alone for $12,495. This Morris has a rebuilt bigger (1275) engine and upgraded disk brakes. All the rust has been removed and new sheet metal welded into the floors and it was done right. The paint is new. There’s a new top. New tires. Air conditioning. The car looks great and attracts tons of fun attention. You can’t go wrong. Bigger than a Bugeye and will fit anyone up to 6’3”. Bring it home and everyone will love you for showing up with an adorable fun car with no pretensions.

We have a traveler in our personal fleet, which we love, and this is our first convertible, and we have fallen in love. This particular car is very well restored with a downdraft Weber carb, spin on oil filter, electric fuel pump, and rib case Sprite transmission, all great upgrades to make a very usable car you can drive anywhere. The fact that it’s a convertible makes it all the better! Wheels are 13 inch Sprite, and look great in black. Seats have been changed to late model Nissan, and they work great, with far better lateral support than the stock ones, electric (!) adjustability, and the added advantage of a fold forward passenger seat that makes a nice work station (see photo). Now, with this portable desk, you can pull over and do your business from the side of the road in your Morris! Headrests are nice, and the seats are quite comfortable.

The car is solid, and quite clean. Floors have been completely repaired, and any rust in the underside of the car has been completely eradicated and all the seams have been well sealed. Lots of great welding and restoration was done so you don’t have to. The underside is excellent. We’ve just changed the rear axle pinion seal to eliminate a leak, and confirmed the brakes are all new. Fuel tank is also new.

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