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Caitlyn Jenner’s Supercharged Bugeye Sprite-update

img_0869Building this celebrity Bugeye is extra-exciting, because we figure a few million more people will see this car than any of our others. But in the end, we’re all just Bugeye lovers regardless of our vocation or lifestyle, and in our building, we are pushing to make every car our very best, regardless of the ultimate destination.

This Bugeye is especially fun because it pairs supercharged performance with stock wheels and white walls, which is a delightful blend of old and new. Were this car fit with wide tires and minilight rims, it would be trying too hard to be a performance car it cannot be, not relative to modern performance standards anyway. Instead, what we now have is super power Bugeye what will light up the tires with ease, at a slow enough speed that it doesn’t make you scared and instead just makes you smile. You can have as much fun in this car at 30 as you might in a new GT3 at 80. It’s nice to avoid liability for a change.

This project is now moving from mechanical to cosmetic. We’ll spend our time next week sanding and buffing the paint for maximum gloss. We’ll also put on some test miles to make sure there are no remaining glitches that need to be addressed. Soon, this super Bugeye will be ready for the enclosed trailer trip to Los Angeles.

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