1960 Bugeye Sprite driving project for sale!

This is a Bugeye we call “Blimey!”and it’s available for just $8,995, a price that leaves you plenty of dough to work on the restoration. This is a great entry level Bugeye you can use and enjoy while you restore it.

It’s a 948 powered drum brake equipped driving project, with a rib case transmission and larger HS2 carbs from a later Sprite. The car was originally purchased from Baker Motor Co. in Atlanta and has had three owners over the last 35 years. The last owner (for 28 years) has driven the car 20,000 miles in that time. I bought it from that long-term owner in Georgia.

The car has a good body and reminds me of the way Gumby looked when I got that car 38 years ago-primed and a little bumpy. Patches have been welded in place through the years and the foundation is there for the next owner to get ready for paint.

The foot wells are good. Floor repair is needed to keep the project moving to the next level-there is some rust-through, primarily in the center of the car (see pictures), but you can drive the car and enjoy it as it sits (as the last owner did for the past 28 years!).

The car comes with a good top, top bow and side curtains you can restore at your leisure. Seats are in good shape, from a later Midget, and come with headrests.

It’s a Bugeye with a lot of potential that won’t break the bank. Call if you would like more information!

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