Bugeye Friday 5-Speed Sale

5speed-conversion-580x436-2 A five-speed conversion is about the best thing you can do for your Bugeye. If you are looking for a great gift this holiday season, here is the kit for you. Our kit uses a fully rebuilt five-speed transmission from an English Ford and it’s a winner. We have installed many in Sprites that have traveled the nation. We prefer this kit to the Datsun conversion—we’ve done both and find the synchros are more stout on the Ford kit, which translates to better durability. Parts are also more readily available for this Ford gearbox. You will enjoy lower RPM highway cruising as well as a fully synchronized first and reverse gears, for ease of operation by the whole family. Sale! We sell this kit for less! Starting at $3,999.95

This installation requires removal and replacement of the nose and engine on your Bugeye. Some light fabrication is required, well within the means of any intermediate home mechanic. We offer free tech support too so you can install the kit to your car. Alternatively, we can ship the kit to your local shop and provide tech support for them too should any questions arise. Or better still, we can pick up your car and do the conversion (and any other repairs or restoration needed) while your car is here.

img_2501This kit also requires some modification of the shift lever included in the kit so that it will fit in your Bugeye shift tower and allow you to utilize your existing shift grommet. It’s common to have slight variations in the placement of shift towers on Sprites so the shift lever in the kit sometimes needs to be modified to fit your car. For an extra fee we can modify this lever for you or you can custom fit it to your car on your own. Let us know if we can help! The picture at left is a five-speed kit we installed in a Bugeye named Sara, and you can see the original look of the shift tower is retained.

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