(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

National Austin Healey Sprite Service Center

img_3240We never thought we would sell 193 Bugeye Sprites (and climbing!). We also never imagined that we could ship cars in from all over the country, sort them out, and ship them back again with relative ease. Our experience with this single marque helps us to quickly sort out any Bugeye. Our parts inventory (which also feeds our catalog) allows us to quickly solve common Bugeye issues with the best replacement parts. And our experience shipping hundreds of cars annually allows us to provide the best service. Most of our National service comes from the Eastern half of the country, but if the job is big enough or specialized enough, it makes sense to give us a call even for a cross county visit. We’re happy to help!

img_2304Check out the skanky calipers and hoses that came off this car. We replaced all that with nice clean new ones that returned properly and will last a good long time.

So many British cars are sitting idle because owners just don’t have the time anymore to get them sorted out. Most of the cars we have shipped in to our shop have been sitting and waiting for their owners to find the time. It used to be that our customers had lots of time and no money. Now our customers have a little money and no time! That’s where we come in—in the case of the Bugeye below, in one week we did more work than most owners do in a few years. And so if you want to turn your asset into something you can finally use, we are here to help!

This Bugeye came to us from PA, about 250 miles away. We spent a week fixing everything, from worn radius arm bushings and shocks, to every hydraulic part—all were leaking. We also sanded and buffed the paint, changed the wheels, replaced the fuel tank and exhaust system, and more! Check out the video to see a few specifics of what we did to make this car ready for its next chapter, and for a nice father and son drive home!

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