Bugeye Sprite Birth Certificates for sale

Ever wonder when your car was built, where it was first shipped and what original equipment was on board?

Now, in partnership with the British Heritage Trust, we can provide you with a beautiful build certificate for your Bugeye that describes its unique features that came from the factory, similar to the Certificate for our blue Bugeye “Morrie” as shown below. You’ll learn, for example, if your car was shipped with a hardtop, or if white wall tires were originally shipped on the car. This is a valuable document that will enhance the value of your investment, and should travel with your car for life.

To get your build certificate, we will need your chassis number from the vin plate located under the carburetors on your car. It should start with AN5L XX,XXX. If you have a factory RHD car, then the L will be deleted. If you have a number starting with something other than AN5L on your chassis, call or email so we can sort it out with you.

Please allow up to three weeks for heritage certificate delivery. BMC build records are captured in a large dusty book stored in the catacombs of an old mill in the British countryside, and it takes time to retrieve this precious information.

Click here to get your Bugeye’s Birth Certificate! 

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