“Spring,” a great 1275/disk brake 1960 Bugeye driver

Now sold and heading to Bud in the Floida Keys! Congratulations Bud!

Here’s a 1960 Bugeye we call “Spring,”(AN5L 46514). The car is fit with a 1275 engine, rib case transmission and front disk brakes, as well as recent tires. It’s great fun to drive!

img_2808Spring seems an appropriate name, because Spring started in February in Connecticut this year, and the hardtop (once fit on this car when it was called Winter) is no longer needed. The car looks great and comes with an excellent soft top and sidecurtains.

Other nice upgrades are an air horn, spin-on oil filter conversion kit (for easier oil changes) and period Ansa twin tipped exhaust system for a nice note. The dashboard is mostly stock, with the exception of an early MGB dash light mounted on the passenger side, so your guest can find her way in to join you.

img_2785The car was restored in about 2000 and then sold to the fellow I purchased it from, who used it only sporadically during his stewardship. We have gone through it and handled any current maintenance issues, such as a wonky electric fuel pump (which we replaced) and mounted in the rear of the car near the tank with rubber isolators and a new filter. We’ve also rebuilt the carbs with a lot of new parts so we could properly tune the engine. We repaired the exhaust, repaired the horn and installed the missing nose latch assembly. Now the car drives wonderfully, and is ready for a new home. (Click “read more” below to see the video and photo album)

“Spring” is a nice driver, that shines well and looks great. Interior is also very nice. It’s not a perfect car cosmetically, but perfect enough for most. There’s an imperfection on the flange above the muffler, it’s pretty minor. Gauges are from a later Sprite, but if you wanted the correct original ones, we have them in stock should that be important to the buyer. These current gauges are working just fine.

BTW, this car is titled as a 1959 even though it would have been built in 1960 (not the first time we have seen a typo in the paperwork).

The buyer for this car is looking for a solid and handsome Bugeye 1275 and disk brake equipped Bugeye at a very attractive price. Call to discuss purchasing, and we can load this car into an enclosed trailer to send it to your door!

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