Peter Egan on Bugeye Sprites

Road and Track was my favorite magazine before I got my license. I would canvas the neighborhood on my stingray (bicycle), searching people’s driveways for cars I had learned about in R & T. Peter Egan was my favorite writer, and he taught me that a British car heater was as powerful as a “hamster blowing through a straw,” and this is something I have now spent many winters remembering as I drive around town in a coat, happy that the hamster at least makes it possible for me to remove my gloves.

When I found this article about Bugeyes by Egan in the March of 1996 edition of Road and Track, I thought it needs to be archived here on our site, for all our readers to enjoy, and also for future British car lovers to read so they too can grow up and start businesses to support these wonderful cars.

Of particular interest in this piece is the story of Rob Garofalo’s gold level Concours Sprite which was a 990 point car in the 1992 national Healey club concours, claimed to be to be the first gold Bugeye ever recorded. I have not been able to get a count of the total number of gold badges awarded for Bugeyes since but I now know of just three: our car 552 was gold in 2015. Woody, the green bugeye we sold to Ben Kenion was awarded gold in 2016. If anyone knows of other cars that have received gold level award, please let me know.

Finally, note the original green rubber mat set shown as well as the correct green seats and dash for a leaf green car. It’s a green festival so ugly, it’s beautiful. Rubber mats such as these are no longer available. They were thin and inexpensive and wore out quickly. We have carpet and hardura alternatives in our bugeyeguyparts catalog.

To read the full original article, click here to open the PDF file by clicking here. 

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