“Delores,” striking restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite, NOW SOLD, #201!

This is a beautiful, restored, 1960 Bugeye called “Delores”(AN5L 30460). She shows 60,133 miles. Bodywork is all done, a full restoration is now complete and the paint is new in Olde English white. The build is correct and accurate throughout, with stock parts and new radial tires in the correct size. White with red is stunning on these cars and always popular.

Take a look at the interior details–we’ve fit the correct red door check straps, the correct door weather-stripping which is finished off just like it was at the factory, the correct door plugs and even the door linings and door pockets. Seats are new, dash is recovered with leather (original dashboards were vinyl, this is a nice upgrade). The result is a stunning all correct interior.

img_3578This straight and nicely restored car with a ton of new parts, including new drum brakes, all new hydraulics, front sway bar, and a great red tonneau that matches the interior. There is no top yet, but we can fit one in the same red color as the tonneau.

Engine is the freshly rebuilt 948 stock powerplant and the transmission is a rebuilt correct smooth case stock four-speed model. Oil pressure and power is just like new. Transmission is newly rebuilt and the car is a joy to drive. We have checked it out thoroughly. Click the engine picture (and any picture) to enlarge it and to see how beautiful everything looks.

The underside is excellent, there are no issues there. The correct original wheels are nicely restored and painted. The engine bay is well-detailed.

This car is ready to go and fully-sorted. It’s hard to find a really nice restoration these days that’s so well-detailed. This is a great car, with lots of great workmanship everywhere you look.

About the only non stock parts is a bullet mirror mounted in one of the windshield frame holes. It’s a great non-invasive way to go, but we can also remove that mirror and change to chrome lollipop mirrors if the new owner so desires. Remember, side mirrors were optional and dealer installed. So a dash rearview is all you need. Some folks also like the wing mirrors, which we are happy to install for the new owner. That’s one of luxuries of working with us… you get to choose, and to have it done right.

Give us a call or send an email if you would like us to ship Delores your way! PS-We’ve just fixed the fuel gauge–the plastic float had filled with fuel and sunk (these should be outlawed!)–we replaced it with a new metal one and now the gauge works great.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours