Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, price reduced!

1969 MGC

New Price-$29,995!

This is my personal MGC. It has the original engine as confirmed by British Heritage Motor Trust. “Engine number recorded for chassis number G-CN1-U/4357-G is 29GA-RU-H/1499 and the colour is Black with black interior trim and a black soft top.”

The C is a delightful high-speed cruiser. She has a wonderful 145 HP big Healey based 2.9 liter seven main bearing six cylinder engine stuffed under the hood, along with twin brake boosters and torsion bar suspension and 15 inch wheels (instead of the B’s 14s) and electric overdrive. It’s a rare car with delightful bulges in its original aluminum bonnet. For comparison purposes, a 1969 MGB was advertised with just 91 Horsepower.

I have loved and admired this 1969 MGC since I acquired it in February 2013. This car was one of the first 1969 roadsters. The series was launched in 1967 just as Austin Healey stopped big Healey production. I am not sure if any landed in the USA before 1968. 1969 was the last year for the C, with a total of 8,999 built of all MGC GTs and Tourers. But how many are left? When have you seen one lately? This is the only one I have seen recently with the correct original seats. By the way, these came with octagon-shaped safety knock spinners when new-the prior owner put on the more attractive two-eared type, they look cooler, but that’s easy to change if it bothers you.

We’ve done a lot to maintain and preserve it, (I have all our records, call and I will read through them for you). We have recently put richer needles in the original SU carbs. I have driven this car very little and need more space as we expand our building so I am reluctantly putting this great classic car up for sale.

This is a special car, very rare but in particular, I have never seen another in such nice condition. I believe the mileage to be accurate, just 37k miles since new. The car was repainted it’s original black once in the 90s. We wet sanded and buffed the finish to the very high luster you see in the photos here. Paint is excellent. During the repaint, the original side reflectors were removed. There were two on each side, one in front and one behind the rear wheel on each side ( you see these on 69 MGBs too). Those side reflectors were mandated in post 67 safety regulations and never popular. I like the way the car looks without them and this change was well executed!

69 Bs and Cs also had a lone wing mirror on the passenger fender. These were always a bit odd, sitting out there all alone without a mate on the driver side. This one was removed when the car was repainted. It was well done, I can find no evidence that it was ever there. And if you have tried to work under the hood on the passenger side on any of these cars, you know that this mirror is always in the way (try getting a fender cover over it!). This too I am glad the prior owner had removed.

Current indicated mileage is 37,732. I purchased the car in February of 2013 with with 37,602 miles, so I only drove the car 130 miles! The last owner put 6600 miles on the car during that 20 year period of ownership, a figure confirmed by the records with the car from their purchase in 1993. It is of course difficult to confirm that the indicated mileage is original, but based on information reported by the prior owner, and based on the lack of wear on the original components of this car, I feel strongly this is the actual mileage on this vehicle. You can see various mileage receipts in the paperwork with the car. I have shown some of these in the last photo in the gallery, notably, prior owner notes of annual mileage as well as receipts from service shops (primarily for oil changes) that fit in sequence.

It shines beautifully, the chrome wire wheels are also recent (original wheels would have been painted gray), and everything  about this car is nice. Interior is correct and extremely well-preserved, with the original seat belts and a somewhat modern stereo, with removable speakers in the footwells behind the seats. The car comes with the original tonneau and a good top with a zip down rear window that appears to be about ten years old. Tires are also older. The front Vredestein Sprints are almost ten years old. The rear Dunlops are older. Some people might want to replace the tires because of age. I left them because they are not cracked and still ride quite well. The battery is also older but works fine. The two six volt original batteries have been replaced by one 12 volt which is in the driver side battery box. This too is a nice upgrade. Two sixes tend to invite more issues-more connections to corrode, more maintenance required, higher battery price, less longevity… both my MGAs have been converted to a single 12 volt battery as we have here.

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There is one very small ding on the driver door top (where an apple fell out of a tree). I tried to photograph it but it doesn’t show up in the picture, so it’s not something to worry about, but its not a perfect car. The fuel gauge works fine but the gauge glass is a little cloudy. But I never cared about any of these minor imperfections. Find me another MGC in such a desirable color combo with working overdrive and such a nice preserved condition, with such low mileage… NEVER. This is the nicest C roadster I have seen, Here’s a chance to own a rare part of MG history. Call or email if you’d like to make this rare classic yours! And check out my black 62 MGA Mk2 with the black 67 MGB and this 69 MGC… we have three black MGs under one roof!