Rescue this 1959 Bugeye Sprite UPDATE


UPDATE: To all the people who have inquired about this car, please look at the new pictures and contact me again if you are interested! I’ve now purchased this Bugeye so we can more easily get it to a new home. The car has much more potential than previously thought, although it will still need a complete restoration. I have more history about the car and new pictures below. If you are looking for a project and can help rescue this car, check this out!

This is AN5L 13292, a Leaf green Bugeye built in 1959 and still wearing the original paint. The car has had the same owner in California since 1969! In about 1985 the crankshaft broke and the car was parked under a California carport for about 15 years. That owner moved the car to Colorado in about 2000, where it has sat ever since. It has been outside for these last 17 years, although in a very dry climate, and it shows. The rocker panels and fender bottoms are remarkably solid for a car that has been sitting outside. The dry California climate coupled with the dry weather in SW Colorado have helped make this car a restoration candidate. Let’s get this one back on the road!

The engine block is sitting on the passenger floor of the car. The prior owner thought the floors were still OK, but you should presume new floors will be needed (we have the panels for sale in our catalog). That said, take a look at the photos of the rear spring mounts–this area of the wheel well looks quite nice! So plan on a complete restoration, and let’s hope the new owner is pleasantly surprised to find this car to be an easier project than some of the rusty cars we have seen restored. The battery tray will need to be replaced (we also sell those) but this is not too difficult to weld into place.

The most difficult part of this project is the back deck. The new owner will be able to push the deck back into shape from underneath, but a lot of filling and sanding will be required to whip this portion of the car back into shape. This project will need a skilled body person to make that rear end look shapely again. Media blasting while remove all the old paint and filler so that he back deck can be re-worked.
All the mechanical parts are in milk crates with the car, you can assume some parts will be missing and a complete rebuilt engine will be needed. Seat frames and components are in the cockpit under the tarp. Two transmissions are included, as shown.

I can help you find a shipper if you are unable to pick it up. The car does not roll and will need to be winched onto a trailer. There is enough room to back a trailer up near the car to load it.

We look forward to helping the new owner get this one back on the road! Call or email if you would like to take on this project!

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