1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!

Way to go Ralph! Sold and heading to California!

This is a great Bugeye for anyone looking for a modified car that has wonderful improvements for putting on the miles. “Susan,” is fit with front disc brakes, an upgraded 1275 engine, five-speed overdrive transmission and brand new tires on recent Minilight wheels. She is also fit with a spin-on oil filter kit and electronic ignition in a new distributor.

This is a great package and we’ve just gone back through this car and made it even better. We’ve adjusted the rear ride height to make it look right and we’ve also replaced the fuel tank with a new one and repaired the fuel gauge. We’ve also put on proper ignition wires. Now the car is ready to go!

Interior is non-stock, with more comfortable seats and a nice wood dash, with all new gauges. It’s a nice look if you are looking for a fast driver and don’t care about if the car is factory correct (remember, while there is a strong market for all original cars, there is an equally strong market for well-modified ones…). This cars’ modifications, and the new five speed transmission, were done about 4000 miles ago.

The car also has a flip-forward bonnet, which makes engine access a breeze. It’s nicely retrofit with hydraulic bonnet struts to hold the nose up while opened.

We’ve fixed a number of issues to get it ready for a new home. We’ve changed the carb needles and seats, put in new jet needles and tuned the engine. We’ve also re-sealed the rear hubs, put in a new master cylinder and changed the fuel filter. The car also sports an upgraded alternator and anti-theft battery cut-out switch, shown under the hood.
The car has been de-seamed. The beading on top of the fenders has been removed, which gives the car a cleaner and sleeker look. I really like this effect- It makes the car look sleeker and more upscale. This particular job is well-executed.

This car has been autographed by Sprite rally-great John Sprinzel, you can see his signature on the inner fender under the hood. Nice top and sidecurtains are included, as well as a good tonneau. The top and windows come in nice padded pouches as shown.

Give a call or email if you want to make this car your own! It’s great fun to drive, and looks great too!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours