(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale- VIDEO @ 70MPH! Five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!

Field tested at 70MPH!

Now SOLD and heading to Kevin in California! Congratulations!

NEW THIS WEEK: New rear wheel cylinders! Some weeping was detected on back plates so we replaced the rear wheel cylinders with premium upgraded products that last.

Also new this month:
The electric fuel pump (you see by the carburetors in the photo album) was acting up, so we replaced it with a new solid state pump on the rear bulkhead in the back of the car, for less pump noise and greater reliability. This is one more great upgrade!

In the video below, you can see me and Bodhi out for a highway cruise in this five-speed wonder. We’ve gone back through this car after our test drives and added a host of new parts to make this car better than ever. We’ve rebuilt the entire front end with new king pin bushings and new tapered wheel bearings for the most precise ride. We’ve put in a new rebuilt speedometer since the prior one was sticking, and we put in a beautiful painted new gas tank along with a new sender to make the fuel gauge work properly and to ensure a good clean fuel supply for many miles to come. Now this car is fully sorted, with tons of new parts, the cost of which easily exceed the selling price, were you to restore and recreate a car with these features! New engine, new five-speed transmission, new front end with disk brakes, new interior- and a highway ready great car!

I am often asked if these cars are highway capable, and with the installed five-speed on this car, and the newly rebuilt front end, no problem! I hope you can see that in this video, as Bodhi and I head onto interstate 95.

This is “Pal,” AN5L 22827, fully restored and equipped with a new Ford Five-speed transmission as well as lots of other goodies. The car is ready to go, solid and well-restored. New rear bumperettes too!

The car shows just a few miles on the rebuilt speedometer… this was a recently rotisserie-restored car that was not quite finished when we got it, with engine and transmission issues present. So we put in a completely rebuilt 1275 engine and new Ford Five-speed to finish the job. We love this five-speed set up as it provides a fully synchronized gearbox (even the parking valet can drive it) and also an overdrive fifth gear, which makes high speeds more comfortable and low speeds quite pleasant if you like loafing along in top gear.

This car has all the best upgrades, including wire wheels and disk brakes, which are very popular. The car also has an exhaust header, electric fuel pump and K and N lifetime upgraded air filters. We also put in a new black panel kit and new black seat covers with black piping coupled with new seat foam. The interior is excellent!

There is always more to do on every classic car… There is no soft top or tonneau yet. Depending on the new owner’s tastes, we can fit black, white or blue canvas accessories. Each looks great ( I would choose the navy blue top but white is also really nice in hot climates). Side curtain cores are included, you can rebuild those, or we also sell new ones. This car also has a spare wire wheel included, which is secured in the boot. Tires look hardly used, but they are older, and probably should be replaced to get the benefits of supple fresh rubber.

The underside of the car is great, with new floor pans installed during the restoration. It’s all quite clean. I’ve included an underside picture of the trunk floor, which is also quite solid and in good shape.

If you are looking for a five speed car with a fresh rebuilt engine, Pal is an excellent choice. We would be delighted to send him your way. Give me a call if you would like to adopt this great car!

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