The year in Bugeyes

What a year! We passed the 200-Bugeyes-sold mark this year (now 214 sold). We continue to meet great new owners, including sentimental folks who grew up with these cars and younger people who have fallen in love the the Bugeye’s infectious personality. The market remains strong for these lovable cars and they continue to demonstrate a great value with a broad appeal.

We finished “Gumby’s” restoration this year, a fitting tribute to my high school car that is responsible for birthing my passion for these cars, and ultimately for the creation of our business.

The big news for us this year has been the expansion of our bugeyeguyparts catalog… we have added a lot of new products and better capacity to handle tech questions and to walk customers through their various repairs and restorations. We plan to continue to take advantage of our field experience with these cars to help people choose the right parts for their projects. Many of the parts out there don’t fit and/or require modification. We sell the best solutions, and have combed the various resources so you don’t have to… we are your one stop shop to get it done right. We routinely advise customers how to work around challenges. You’re invited to call to experience our exceptional tech support.

The other big news this year is our building expansion. We have added a fantastic new workshop behind our building, which will make our builds easier and will also help us to handle more customer restoration work. We currently have cars in our shop from Boston and Alabama for major restoration work, and the new space will allow us to handle that work more efficiently.

We welcome an opportunity to sort-out your car- please call if you want us to pick it up and make it right (we can pick it up anywhere in the USA). Every car I have purchased online has needed a major makeover (in spite of promised perfection by the seller), and if you are a new Sprite owner, chances are good your car would benefit from a visit to our facility. You won’t recognize it when we are done-we can transform your driving experience!

One of the big advantages of our expansion is to be able to work at ground level. You may have seen our infamous entrance ramps on our youtube videos… soon, we will remove the ramps and move into our ground level facility with radiant heated floors! The electrical wiring is going into the new building this week, with spray foam insulation throughout to follow in early January.

Check out the ramps in the pictures throughout this post, and now on those ramps live on the concrete foundation in the new structure that envelopes our backyard. It’s a big moment in our evolution, a fitting milestone for our tenth year!

Thanks to all of you who enjoy this blog, who buy our parts, and who call to tell us how much they love these cars. We have enjoyed the ride just as much as you, and we wish you an awesome 2018!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours