New Product! Improved Bugeye Sprite Seat spacers for sale!

Here’s a part often overlooked yet extremely important if you’re restoring your Sprite interior.

Original Bugeyes had a thin, black, wooden spacer under the driver seat, to shim the seat up so it would clear the longitudinal member welded beneath the seat. With the thin rubber mats that came with the car, this original spacer provided an adequate gap and allowed easy movement of the seat frame fore and aft. But with the advent of thicker carpet in Bugeye interiors, the original thin spacer no longer works. Even if you don’t move your seat often, with original thin spacers, it’s very difficult to install your seat on modern carpet.

We have fixed these issues with an improved product… our thicker seat spacer makes installation of your seats easier, and allows better clearance between the seat frame and the floor pan.

This is a Bugeyeguy exclusive, not available anywhere else. Every Bugeye needs a least one pair. And if you have two adjustable seats, you need two pairs! (stock Bugeyes had a fixed passenger seat that requires no wood, but many have been changed to adjustable)

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