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1958 Thin Windshield Bugeye Sprite driver for sale called “Hampton!”

If you like the earliest of Bugeyes, this one is for you! PRICE REDUCED to $19,995!

Of the original 49k and change that were made, how many Bugeyes do you think are left? 2500? 5000?

And of those remaining cars, how many are left that were made in 1958? I am guessing 10% (and that may be high). So there are somewhere around 250-500 1958 Bugeyes left on the planet. And that’s why I wanted to share this car “Hampton” with you again. It’s a rare car, and should be a great investment, given its rarity.

To be fair, this is not a correct factory color and the larger engine and Weber carb are not stock either. But the correct thin windshield, the correct original ’58 only door levers, the correct ’58 rocker panel gussets at the B pilar, and other ’58-only features make this a car well worth considering.

To make Hampton even more attractive, we have lowered the price to $19,995. Call if you want to take Hampton home! This is a great car with a sweet performance exhaust note and a wonderful shine! Spring has come early in New England, let’s get you ready to enjoy the warming weather!

Hampton is car #AN5L 3418. If you are unfamiliar, at roughly car #5500, the windshield frames changed to a thicker assembly, and these early assemblies are now quite rare. We almost never see these properly fit to the appropriate early cars so it’s great to see one shown here. They are more slender and graceful, and it’s nice to see one still in circulation where it belongs. Notice also the long door levers, which also changed to a much more common shorter flavor later in the Bugeye production run. You can also see the correct early windshield wiper motor in the engine bay.

This is a very sharp driver with a larger 1275 engine, rib case transmission and disk brakes, so the power is great and the braking is excellent. The car is also fit with a performance exhaust that makes a very nice noise. A single Weber downdraft carburetor has been fit too. We just put in new front shocks. A solid state electric fuel pump has also been installed. Front anti-roll bar is also present for optimized handling. There’s a nice air horn too.

This car is ready!

The paint is quite good with a lot of luster as shown. We put in new carpet, new panels and new door seals, which made the car quite stunning inside too.

Floors have been repaired. They look good and you can see this in the photos of the tub before we installed the new carpet and panels. There was a roll bar once, and you can still see its former mounting holes in the floor pan. There is no top or tonneau, but we can make a new white or black one for you if you like. New windows are also available.

This is a strong driving car that would be a welcome addition to any stable!

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